Art Therapy

If you find it difficult to talk about how you’re feeling or struggle to find the right words to explain your experiences, Art Therapy can help.

You don’t need to be good at art and you’ll be in a confidential and supportive group setting with a trained Art Therapist who can help you express and make sense of your feelings.

Art Therapy offers the benefits of art informed psychotherapy when thoughts and feelings may feel difficult to express with words alone

Whilst it is not an art group or lesson, the sessions can be enjoyable and empowering. You’ll be supported to work at your own pace, with a variety of materials to choose from. Over time the gradual, shared experience of art making can help you explore more uncomfortable or confusing emotions within a trusting environment. 

The Art Therapy group runs on Tuesday afternoons. 

Art Therapy sessions are offered in person and open to people 18+. Group members are asked to commit to 6 months and may stay in the group up to 1 year. Sessions last for one and a half hours and are held once a week. The sessions are bound by rules of confidentiality.

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Art Therapy may help through:

  • Helping group members realise they are not alone in experiences such as loneliness, grief, traumatic life events, difficult family relationships, depression, anxiety, the challenges of caring for a family member or negotiating difficult work situations.
  • Recognising how these experiences can impact on our day to day lives, the group can support with changing more fixed patterns of behaviour such as self-isolation, withdrawal from social activities, loss of confidence and holding on to possessions/hoarding.
  • Allowing for more uncomfortable and confusing feelings to be explored through art making, where verbal expression may feel difficult or unclear.
  • Sharing examples of different perspectives and approaches to challenges faced, building new narratives.
  • Recovering self-confidence through providing mutual support to other group members.
  • Instilling hope, creating feelings of optimism through engaging in the group process.
  • Exploring and engaging with your own creativity.
  • Providing a space in which group members can support each other through the thoughtful sharing of similar and contrasting life experiences. The art medium allows for a fuller and less direct approach to this.

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