If you live in Merton and need financial help we can offer you a one-off grant to pay for things like food, gas and electricity, replacing essential household appliances or buying school uniforms.

We have a limited amount of money available so we have to make sure funds are given to those who need it most. As a community charity we can only offer a grant if:

  • You live in Merton
  • You have no other money 
  • It’s a one-off payment

When you apply for a grant there are a few different parts to the process. You’ll be asked to fill in a form as well as answer some questions on the phone, and you’ll need a bank statement, some ID, and something with your address on to show you live in Merton. 

But don’t worry, we’ve done this plenty of times before and we’re happy to go through everything with you. If you need help, email us at

Hosting Ukrainian guests

Any Ukrainian refugees on the Friends & Family scheme who are worried about money can apply for a Ukrainian hardship grant from Merton Council. These are based on need and can be up to £200. To apply, email the Association for Polish Families at

If you’re a host taking part in the Homes for Ukraine scheme, you can apply for an optional ‘thank you’ payment of £350 per month, for as long as the guest remains in your accommodation, up to 12 months. To apply, visit the Merton Council website.

Information for care professionals

Care professionals and key workers can make a referral to us for someone living in Merton who needs emergency financial help.

Please include a supporting statement or letter of reference from you or another professional with their application.

Application process

  1. Download the application form by clicking here
  2. Fill in the form online, or print the form and fill it in
  3. Send us your application form along with:
  • Proof of address (something with your address on to show you live in Merton) 
  • One month's bank statement

How to send us your application form

By post to: Wimbledon Guild, Guild House, 30/32 Worple Road, Wimbledon SW19 4EF


By email to:

One of our team will be in touch to discuss your application. We’re a small team and will do our best to get back to you within a week of receiving your documents.  To help us, please complete all sections on the application form and send it to us along with your supporting documents. 

Wimbledon Guild is committed to keeping your data safe. Click here to see how we use your information when you apply for a grant.  

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