Individual counselling

We are here to support you through a range of difficulties that come up in life and offer weekly long-term, low cost counselling/psychotherapy for up to 60 sessions.

About Individual counselling

Our approach is to work psychodynamically, which means that we’re interested in helping you think about the difficulties you’re facing now, as well as thinking together about your past experiences.  Whilst we offer relatively long term counselling/psychotherapy we also see clients at times for shorter periods of time too, you do not have to commit to long-term counselling/psychotherapy.

How do I get therapy?

Please call us to book an assessment on 020 8296 0030.

This call will last roughly 20 minutes. During the initial call we will book you in for an in-depth 90-minute conversation with an assessor that will take place via telephone or online. 

After your assessment we will decide how best we can help you. If we feel that individual counselling is a suitable service for you, we will arrange for you to see a counsellor/psychotherapist on a weekly basis. Each meeting will last 50 minutes and will be at the same time and day of the week. 

We don't offer less frequent counselling/psychotherapy but we do offer other options which you can see under Find out about the support we offer

Counselling sessions take place on:


All our Counselling services are priced so that you only pay what you can afford.

Individual counselling costs between £10 - £80 per session.

How to book

We take self-referrals for assessments by phone on the 1st Wednesday of each month.

Please note all assessments are offered on a first come first serve basis. If you are unable to book an assessment, we will ask you to call back on another date.

Contact us

Tel: 020 8296 0030

Email: counselling@wimbledonguild.co.uk

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