Exercise for balance

Balance is a vital aspect of fitness. Good balance will make you more confident on your feet, able to take part in more activities and reduce your chances of falling. 

Working on your balance doesn’t mean you need to master the balance beam, just standing on one leg for 10 seconds can help. Make sure you are holding onto something when you start, and alternate between both legs. It’s a good idea to wear well-fitting shoes as they will further reduce your chance of accidents. 

When looking to improve your balance there lots of options. Activities in the home such as gardening and housework are good, and there are many options in a more structured setting, such as yoga, Tai Chi and other fitness classes, either online or in person.

Two types of sport that have proven to be really good for balance are racquet sports and ball games. So, dust off the old tennis racquet or pump up the old football and restart an old hobby. Sports and sports clubs are also great ways of making friends and having a laugh while you improve your fitness. 

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