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Befriending Volunteer

If you can spare an hour a week, fortnight, or month, become a volunteer befriender and make a huge difference to someone's life

Become a volunteer befriender and make a huge difference to someone's life!

Befriending Volunteer

Our Volunteer Befrienders offer friendship and a listening ear to someone in Merton who is feeling isolated or lonely. 

Volunteer befrienders typically spend an hour every week, fortnight or month visiting their client at their home for a cuppa and a catch up, or to help with small jobs like shopping or gardening. Other volunteers meet clients out in the community, and others offer support over the phone.  

Befriending was one of the first services Wimbledon Guild offered when we began over 100 years ago and is still one of our most popular ways people can get supportWe hear from befrienders and clients alike what a huge difference they make to each other's lives.  

“I was introduced to Wimbledon Guild through my Counselling Level 2 in 2021. I enjoy my befriending visits as our conversations give me a different perspective on life. Wimbledon Guild are supportive in providing Befriending training and continue to support me through my counselling journey.” - Ketki, Volunteer

For full details, please read our Befriending Volunteer Role Description.

To apply please use our online form.

Help us make sure that no one in Merton has to face life's challenges alone