18 May 2021

Winshuttle - part of our Community with a Heart

"It's important to us to make sure we can help – we like to give back where we can"

Winshuttle is a local company who has supported Wimbledon Guild for many years, and really showed their heart during the pandemic by donating to our Covid-19 Relief Fund. 

They've shared why they support our work.

Why did Winshuttle choose to support Wimbledon Guild?

Winshuttle chose to support you because we feel it’s important to support local charities. Winshuttle operates a policy for staff to participate in some volunteering, which gives our staff the opportunity to not only donate money, but also their time and support. 

What is it about Wimbledon Guild's work that connected with Winshuttle? 

The variety of the work Wimbledon Guild does to support the local community is important to us as a local business. The diversity of work also means we can try and participate where possible with hands on help. We like the fact that Wimbledon Guild have direct connections with local people within the Borough.

Why is it important to Winshuttle to support the local community?

As a local business, Winshuttle feels it’s important to be part of the local community. It's important to us to make sure we can help – we like to give back where we can.

Thank you to Winshuttle for all your support, and to everyone who’s shown Merton really is a community with a heart during the pandemic. 

With your continuing support we can help those in our community experiencing loneliness, mental health problems, food poverty and financial instability as a result of the pandemic. 

Please donate what you can to our Community with a Heart Appeal


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