30 Nov 2020

Volunteer chat - June

One of our Community Garden volunteers shares her experience during the pandemic

The Wimbledon Guild Community Garden has remained open throughout lockdown, with our wonderful team of volunteers taking turns to work in the garden alone. The organic vegetables they've been harvesting are being used by our HomeFood Café meal delivery service and Merton's Community Fridge.

Before lockdown, what did a typical day volunteering in the Wimbledon Guild community garden look like for you?  

It was lovely to work with other volunteers who are much more knowledgeable than me and to learn from them. It was nice to have a chat as we worked. There are occasions where you need 2 people to move heavy stuff or climb a ladder. Also, you felt you had achieved progress when you had looked back on what you had done that day.

How has volunteering in the community garden changed since lockdown began?

I have still enjoyed going to the garden during lockdown, obviously missing the other volunteers. I'm doing the best I can on my own.

What has it been like adapting to the change in how you work in the garden? 

I text Dawn (the Lead Community Garden Volunteer) before I go, and after to let her know what I have done, and I have got used to working alone.

Outside of volunteering in the garden, how have you adapted to life under lockdown, and has that changed as a result of the recent easing in restrictions?

I am still a bit wary of people that are not close associates, but I have seen some friends briefly, but not family as they are out of London. I keep busy at home if I am not at the garden.

What has been the response from the community to the work you and the rest of Wimbledon Guild are doing during lockdown? 

I often hear people passing on the pathway saying we do a good job.

Thank you June! We'll be catching up with other staff and volunteers over the coming weeks, so do check back for more! 

We need your help...

Socially isolated people across Merton are depending on us for immediate and practical support with food deliveries, telephone befriending and much more. In what is a difficult time for everyone, help us support vulnerable people who are likely to feel the impact most.