28 May 2020

Staff chat - Claire

How has our Individual Counselling Manager's work changed since lockdown?


Before the lockdown, what did a typical day at Wimbledon Guild look like for you?   

A typical day would usually consist of a mixture of meetings and working with Individual Counselling clients. I’d often pop into our other offices to communicate with other team members. 


Did you interact with our customers?   

Guild House would always be busy, so I’d always be passing different people and saying hello. Other than that, I’d be interacting face-to-face with my own clients throughout the day. 


What have you been doing (work-wise) since the lockdown began? 

My work has stayed the same, but the way we interact with clients has had to change. Talking Therapies remains open, both for current and new clients. Counselling sessions now take place over the phone or using Zoom. 

I’ve found that clients have adapted really well to the change, and by having sessions online you’re still able to have that face-to-face contact. 


What has it been like adapting to the change in how you do your job? 

I’ve found working online to be more tiring, but other than that it’s been fine. I’ve enjoyed not having to commute every day! 


Outside of work, what have you been doing to adapt to life under lockdown? 

I’ve been making sure I keep a clear boundary between work and home life. I’ve also been continuing to do all the things that I enjoy. 

We need your help...

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