Financial assistance

Last year we distributed over £30,000 in small grants to local people struggling to receive assistance from other sources.

Our small grants are used to pay for things such as household appliances, school educational trips, furniture, clothing and school uniforms. The team aims to make a decision on applications within two weeks provided all relevant paperwork is supplied by the applicant.

If you are a health professional, social worker, or voluntary organisation, you can also help us find local people who need the support of our grants programme by making referrals to us.

For more information please email:

If you would like to apply for a Small Grant, please read the information below.

PLEASE NOTE: applications are open to Merton residents only. To speed up your application please ensure you include/bring with you the correct supporting documents.

Application process

By email/post:

  • Download the application form by clicking on the PDF icon at the bottom of the page
  • Complete the form and either print out to post or email it directly to the welfare team
  • Submit supporting documents* either by email or post

In person:

  • Make an appointment with a member of the welfare team (020 8946 0735)
  • Please ensure you arrive on time for your appointment.  Failure to do so may mean that you will not be able to be seen by the welfare team
  • Attend the meeting to complete the application form
  • Bring supporting documents (see below)

Examples of supporting documents

  • Three months’ bank or post office statements
  • Supporting statement or letter of reference from professional
  • Medical letters (where relevant)
  • Council tax letter
  • Letters confirming benefit income

The Wimbledon Guild is committed to keeping your data safe. Click here to see how we use your information when you apply for a small grant.  

*Nadine's story

"I am a single mother with a three year old child, living only on benefits.

Living on benefits is not easy and if one month you have extra expenses it becomes impossible. At the end of the summer we faced a very difficult situation. Not only did we not have money but we lacked food as well.

I knew I needed help. Someone recommended I contact Wimbledon Guild.  I was desperate, we did not have enough food even for my child...But still it took me two days to finally make a call. I thought I was going to be treated as someone worse, but the reality was completely different. The team at Wimbledon Guild treated us as the most important people in the world...On the same day we received financial aid and food. And something more... :-)

I also desperately needed of a bed for my child, who in spite of being three years old still shared one with me. I could not manage to buy it for him with our low income. Although I was ashamed of asking for it ... I did. I thought; for my child...

And the dream came true...Thanks to Wimbledon Guild and the lovely people who work there today my child is proudly sleeping in his own bed...

Wimbledon Guild also taught me a valuable lesson: it is not a bad thing to have problems and to be 'down'. It is more important to find in yourself the strength and courage to call for help and let others help you get back on track...

For us Christmas came early this year;-)

Thank you to the team at Wimbledon Guild."

*The names used in our case studies have been changed to protect confidentiality

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