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Group Psychotherapy


Group work is a good way to share difficulties and lessen feelings of isolation. Our first group is the family, next comes peer group, school, work. Group psychotherapy offers an opportunity to explore and understand our relationships to our groups.



Here are some of the themes explored in Group Psychotherapy


red dot Shared communication. Listening is very helpful to clients in groups. Listening and thinking about other people's stories helps us make more sense of our own.


red dot Realisation that the individual is not alone in their experience of life. Groups provide an opportunity both to learn from and help and support other members of the group.


red dot Group as a mirror reflecting how the individual sees and is seen. What happens in the group often mirrors the outside world: a group provides the opportunity to explore our relationships in the outside world and discover possibilities for change.


red dot Chance to acknowledge parts of self in others and others in self.


red dot Groups help us to understand and manage ourselves better in the outside world.


red dot Groups provide an opportunity for members to understand themselves and their relationships with others more deeply in a safe setting. Concerns, conflicts and problems can be explored in an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality.


red dot Groups lessen the feelings of the need to control how other people see the individual.


red dot Listening and speaking in a group can help us to develop our ability to tolerate other points of view and to speak more freely with others.


red dot The consistency of a weekly meeting with other members provides a safe place to take your problems, to share them and to be involved in a process of mutual support.




People often struggle to find ways to be understood and to understand. The group can provide a place to try new ways of listening and getting heard. Groups can be warmly supportive and understanding. It is a rewarding experience to discover that other group members can know from their own backgrounds, what you have been through and how you feel.


We all emerged from groups, but we call them families. Our families have unconsciously shaped who and what we are - for better or worse. If, as a result of that, you feel you would like to work on and improve the ways in which you relate to others, then a psychotherapy group, under the guidance of a group-analytic psychotherapist, might well be the best place to start.


Group Psychotherapy sessions last one and a half hours, and are usually held once a week. The sessions are bound by rules of confidentiality. There is a set fee for the group assessment and group sessions. We do offer low fee places.



How do I make an appointment?

We take referrals between 10am - 12.30pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday only, and when you call us we will ask you some questions as part of our triage process which could take about ten minutes.

Call us on 020 8296 0030.



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