A Body-based trauma-informed workshop: Working with traumatic stress held in the body

A Body-based trauma-informed workshop: Working with traumatic stress held in the body

Integrating Body, Breath & Movement to aid healing within our therapeutic relationships

£128 + booking fees / Limited early-bird until 15th January 2023 or sold out £109 + booking fees /discount for Wimbledon Guild counsellors and trainee counsellors £100/Group bookings minimum of 4 and maximum of 10 £90 per ticket + booking fees

This workshop will illuminate the process of working with traumatic stress held in the body.

You will gain a deeper understanding of the unconscious and non verbal phenomena when working with traumatic stress held in the body. Plus the science beneath working with body, breath and movement, gaining confidence to notice moments where you can integrate these healing tools creatively into your current practice, both in-person and online.

This knowledge will support you to begin sharing the wisdom of neuroscience, the autonomic nervous systems and the vagus nerve with your clients. We have all read ‘The Body Keeps The Score’ by Bessel van der Kolk and love the potential healing power of the vagus nerve and autonomic nervous system with our clients. However, for most of us, working with mind-body was not in our training and as a community, we are now hungry for safe, trauma-informed practical tools to integrate into our work.

During the workshop, we will explore three areas:

Part 1 | Body

Conflicting forces of Mind-Body in Mental Health

● Critical aspects of historical psychoanalytic conflict of mind-body and awareness of these still conflicting forces in 2023● The pandemics’ long-term impact on the human race, children, young people, the elderly & ourselves. Re-traumatisation, social isolation & dysregulation● Positive change and hope for the future in our community

Standing of the shoulders of giants

● Understanding the key historical figures who started the movement of working with the body in therapy● We will hear from the women whose voices were silenced at the time

Fascia, What is it and Why it matters● Fascia has been missing from the historical atlas of psychotherapy and the theory of working with the body in therapy. Something physical that we can put our finger on, more intelligent and interconnected than muscle memory. Therapists know they are missing something, and this is where the fascia has tremendous implications for our work in mental health.● How fascia houses trauma in the body and its implications for chronic pain, intergenerational trauma and PTSD

Part 2 | Breath

The doorway to our automatic nervous system

● We will explore the highs and lows of the autonomic nervous system and the wandering vagus nerve

● Getting curious about the impact traumatic stress has on breathing and how to work in a trauma-informed way with clients

Our Embodied Relationship with our clients

● There are two bodies in the therapy room, client and therapist. Two nervous systems connecting and regulating. We will explore the extent to which the therapist’s mind and body are impacted

● The potency of body countertransference and how it manifests in the bodies and lives of therapists is not something that has been seen in our formal training : Is somebody missing? Where did Sprit go?

● We will acknowledge the overlap between psychosocial and spiritual dimensions in our work. All beings have a yearning for something higher, and when we are in a safe state of calm regulated by the breath, our sense of spiritual connection with humanity is at its highest

● Major life and world events change us. Often who we thought we were no longer defines us, and more people are searching for meaning and fulfilment in their lives

Part 3 | Movement

Breaking the Taboo

● In our work with traumatic stress, anxiety & depression, movement and exercise play acritical role in clients’ wellbeing, and it is crucial we can explain why. Stories of the past may re-traumatise them, so they need to feel safe in their bodies and understand the science beneath any physical movement

● Once clients have experiences and felt a positive somatic change, they are more likely to repeat the activity. Sharing the finding of neuroscience, the autonomic nervous system and vagus nerve with our clients will help them understand WHY and reframe the reactions of their body as brave, creative and intelligent

Trauma-Informed Yoga Tools

● Throughout the day, we will integrate gentle trauma-informed yoga techniques that can be used when working with our clients. Befriending the body and learning practical trauma-informed tools to share with clients

Equipment & Experience: No yoga experience is required to attend this workshop, just an interest in the mind-body connection. On the day of the workshop, do wear comfortable clothing and have a space where you can sit on the floor; you’re welcome to bring your yoga mat or blanket. You have a choice to practise movement seated or on the floor; adjustments are always given. There will be no-touch or partner work in this workshop.

Disclaimer: This workshop is not designed to qualify participants to be trauma-informed teacher, yoga teacher, yoga therapist, mindfulness instructor, Psychotherapist, Counsellor or trauma therapist. Instead, the workshop seeks to provide knowledge and skills to enhance the existing skills of therapists or yoga teachers within their existing scope of practice. Further training and support via supervision or personal therapy is always recommended when integrating new approaches into one’s existing work.


The material in this workshop awakens many sensations, emotions, experiences and thoughts within our own bodies. It is essential that you already have some clinical awareness and knowledge of this subject.

The trainer:

Lorna Evans | Founder The Mind Movement Psychotherapist & Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher

Lorna is an Integrative Psychotherapist and Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher, holding an MSc in Body Awareness & Psychotherapy. Lorna proudly integrates psychotherapy and the body with a focus on Breath & Movement as healing tools for trauma, anxiety and depression.

Lorna recently worked on documentaries, books and press with MTV, The Discovery Channel, Psychologies Magazine, BBC, SKY and Samaritans. Lorna has several books due to be published in 2022/23 and is a media spokesperson for UKCP.

Lorna’s YouTube Channel, The Mind Movement, encourages people to find a therapist whilst sharing positive psychoeducation about staying well by raising awareness of the body, breath and movement.https://www.youtube.com/channe...

Lorna has worked in primary care and MIND for many years and now has a private clinical practice in the North East of England. Lorna’s clinical work is grounded in the knowledge that mind and body are fully integrated and what the therapist notices in the client’s body, or experiences in her own body, energy, tension, holding or other non-verbal phenomena is vital to bring into awareness and into the therapeutic work with our clients.

Alongside her clinical practice, Lorna is very proud to teach Trauma-Informed Yoga and learn from the students of Changing Lives, NHS Recovery College, Mind and many other trauma survivor groups and charities across the UK.

Please note all our counselling training events are paperless you will be emailed your certificate and handouts after the event.

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