Group psychotherapy

Our Group psychotherapy sessions are currently taking place online. 

The sessions are open to new referrals, please see how to get in touch below.

Group psychotherapy sessions last one and a half hours and are usually held once a week. The sessions are bound by rules of confidentiality. 

Group psychotherapy is a good way to share difficulties and lessen feelings of isolation. We all emerged from groups, but we call them families. Our families have unconsciously shaped who and what we are - for better or worse. If, as a result of that, you feel you would like to work on and improve the ways in which you relate to others, then a psychotherapy group, under the guidance of a group-analytic psychotherapist, might well be the best place to start.

Group psychotherapy may help you if:

•             You have problems in your relationships with others

•             You are isolated and find it difficult to make and maintain relationships

•             You suffer from anxiety, depression and other emotional difficulties

•             You suffer from work related stress

•             You need help in coming to terms with painful and traumatic events in your lives such as loss

•             You are interested in personal development and in developing your own creativity

Group psychotherapy can offer a safe, therapeutic place to speak about the self in family, friendship, relationships and work groups. Concerns, conflicts and problems can be explored in an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality.

Get in touch for details on how to refer. 

We need your help...

Socially isolated people across Merton are depending on us for immediate and practical support with food deliveries, telephone befriending and much more. In what is a difficult time for everyone, help us support vulnerable people who are likely to feel the impact most.