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small grants

"I wish you could be there to see the transformations your money has made possible."

Items people desperately need but cannot afford to buy.


The people we help would not receive assistance from any other source. 


If you are a health professional, social worker, support worker or voluntary organisation, you can help us to find local people who need the support of this Small Grants Programme.


Last year we gave Merton residents of all ages just over £19,000 in small grants. The money comes from our own Welfare Fund and a number of other specialist funds entrusted to us over the years which we administer. Our Small Grants Programme allows us to buy items for local people, which they desperately need but cannot afford.


School children running

Small grants are used to pay for things as diverse as household appliances, school educational trips, furniture, clothing and shoes and school uniforms.

The Welfare team aims to make a decision on applications within two weeks provided all relevant paperwork is supplied by the applicant.


For more information please E: welfare@wimbledonguild.co.uk


Here are just a few examples of some recent cases we have funded:

Mr A required new items for the property he had been allocated after being released from a successful spell in rehab. We provided two new appliances, as well as second-hand curtains and flooring. He was delighted that he could settle down quickly and move on from what had been a very difficult part of his life, without worrying about saving up for everything that he needed at that time.

Mrs B had undergone a training course in order to obtain a new job, however, a uniform and security check were required by all employers in this field. Her husband was on a zero-hours contract, with little work coming in. Supporting a family on a very low income is challenging, but we were able to help by funding the uniform and DBS check to enable her to take up employment offers. A steady income has put the family in a much more secure financial state.

C had been recently re-homed from outside Merton. Her partner had left her and her two children with nothing but debt and so she had seen the CAB to set up a re-payment plan. Finances were therefore very tight and the children were due to start their new school in one week’s time. We supplied a budget to purchase new uniforms to enable the children to fit in with their peers as soon as possible.




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