Weekly low cost psychotherapy and peer support groups

Group psychotherapy

Group psychotherapy sessions last one and a half hours and are usually held once a week. The sessions are bound by rules of confidentiality. 

Group psychotherapy is a good way to share difficulties and lessen feelings of isolation. We all emerged from groups, but we call them families. Our families have unconsciously shaped who and what we are - for better or worse. If, as a result of that, you feel you would like to work on and improve the ways in which you relate to others, then a psychotherapy group, under the guidance of a group-analytic psychotherapist, might well be the best place to start.

Group psychotherapy may help you if:

•             You have problems in your relationships with others

•             You are isolated and find it difficult to make and maintain relationships

•             You suffer from anxiety, depression and other emotional difficulties

•             You suffer from work related stress

•             You need help in coming to terms with painful and traumatic events in your lives such as loss

•             You are interested in personal development and in developing your own creativity

Group psychotherapy can offer a safe, therapeutic place to speak about the self in family, friendship, relationships and work groups. Concerns, conflicts and problems can be explored in an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality.

Get in touch for details on how to refer. 

Therapist facilitated peer support groups

Our weekly support groups are focused on bringing together groups of people who may have shared experiences and benefit from talking to each other.

Our groups are facilitated by a therapist who may be assisted by staff members or volunteers.

For each of our groups, we organise a meeting between you and the facilitator first. They are not drop in groups. The groups take place at our base in Wimbledon, but we hope to expand these across Merton in the future. If you would like to join one of our groups, please get in touch

Continuity of Concern

A group for those typically seeking long-term peer support and community

The Continuity of Concern group has been running over 40 years and is a community-based social support group for people 18+ from across Merton. The group meets weekly to talk, listen and think together about all aspects of life. People in the group come from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences and often group members will come together for lunch after the session.

The group provides a safe, empathetic space for you in which difficulties such as loneliness, anxiety, depression, bereavement and loss can be shared and worries about relationships, the ageing process, physical and/or mental health concerns can be explored.  This group may also be useful for those seeking a place to share with others following a course of individual or group psychotherapy.

Several members have been part of the group for years whilst others have joined more recently and, whether attending every week or less frequently, people often say they feel a strong sense of belonging and care. As one member recently said:

 "Coming to this group is a bit like being part of an extended family."

Get in touch if you'd like to attend this group on Thursday mornings. 

Life After Loss

A bereavement peer support group for people 18+

When someone close to you dies, you can be affected in many different ways. Being part of this dedicated supportive group can create a feeling of hope and the realisation that you do not need to face your grief alone.   Those joining the group will generally have experienced a close bereavement within the last 6 months to 2 years.   This group may be a stand alone, or an additional support for those attending or waiting for individual counselling.

Get in touch to book your space on Monday afternoons.

Creative Arts Groups

For people 18+

We are currently developing new creative, peer support workshops and groups for adults within Merton.  These will be facilitated by arts therapists and offer opportunities to use your creativity to promote wellbeing and personal growth. 

Get in touch with any questions or to express your interest. 

PLEASE NOTE – Further workshops and groups to be announced soon.

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